Fell in love with a married man, and already the question arises: How Serious it will be. He will get a divorce and I really want to. It is an affair, its discovery will make both life to a Drama or a Happy ending. But the first question is: Should I take this relationship at all. You can of course occur only if one of the already existing marriage-and-white. A lot of men out the back until later. If you know that the man is married, you have other opportunities in the Risk assessment. But easier it is not. Countless marriages on earth began when one or both partners were married. And also, countless relationships have existed for many years in the constellation of married man and mistress. Some women lived for many years in the hope that he will make his promise come true and the other exit but he never did. He probably had never. There are a Bigamist, and there is a spiritual Bigamist. The crucial question is not What I expect from a married man, but I am that he is married. For some women a married man is strictly off-limits. This is a noble attitude. You can often apply them even. However, in some cases, you know the man better and the harmony is not so great that a different you can keep up. Sometimes he has married the wrong lady and hits much later to those that appear as created. The constellations of relationships are as varied and diverse as life itself. Every woman must, Willy-nilly, decide how you want to behave. You have to ask yourself, how close you are to this man to come along would like and whether you want possibly as a frustrated lover. You must ask whether the marriage of the other is actually as bad as he pretends that your and whether or not it is allowed to penetrate into an existing marriage. Finally, you would want to not in one’s own life. The moral question is undoubtedly important. Especially if kids are in the game. We certainly have a responsibility for what our Actions are. But we also have a responsibility for our happiness. That men are not faithful and in the spirit often rogue, knows every woman. Your is even known that Men are often not only mentally gone rogue, but also real. Even if you check the constellation in all its variants, one can never know where the story ends. If you’re in love with a married man, has a Problem. It is necessary to check, whether you have a helper syndrome and a supposedly Unpopular from its supposed life a living hell want to help. One must ask, whether the wife would be a perhaps more congenial, and would present a very different Divorce. You have to ask yourself, what is the. Feelings are a difficult thing to plunge you into situations where you’d rather not Wake up. Everything anyone, in theory, thought about married men, when in love. The practice is something else. Whether you discussed at the beginning of the relationship, the marriage of the man, or silent about, simply, is different. Sooner or later, but it is a theme at least in one’s own soul. If he his birthday was only with the wife, and only then with the Beloved, celebrating, the, Yes, still acceptable. But at Christmas, new year’s eve and during his holiday, alone, hits a harder. Especially if it is several years so, one wonders why one lives. The Situation calls for humiliation and grief. The beloved always comes in second place, and all of the patience, no good to her. Men are often conflict-averse and hesitate to leave the old relationship. You expect a woman to stand for many years as a beloved, keep you promise and expect people to understand you. The problems of the Beloved to be the bone of contention and at the end of the song he leaves you. But there is also another Variation of the story. Some women are quite satisfied with a mistress instead of a wife. You can enjoy a free life and know we are loved anyway. Many such relationships may persist or years, without the husband leaves the wife. And this despite the fact that the ratio of the two is totally broken. The wife probably knows already from her competitor, but she is silent also as to the Arrangement. In the end, all are humiliated, even if they have come to terms with the Situation. Each of the psychological Council is failing in the face of this dilemma. What remains is one’s own responsibility, what one makes of his life. Probably every second woman that once was mistress of a married man, would want to make this hell ever again. Cupid’s arrow’s lost but still continue to be married men. Every woman thinks this could never happen.

And then. What advice would you give to her. This is the question we need to ask ourselves in every situation of your life: To dare to do something or I’m not taking any chances. Without taking risks, you can’t experience, after two years, a divorce and even as a Wife at his side wakes up. But you can’t do the opposite. Life is full of risks and nothing is certain, except for death. From the point of view of the wife of the record unfolds in love with a married man from a totally different perspective. Often, they know nothing of her competitor, until a random uncovers the story. Also, they believed, could never happen, or you could be like the rival, and perhaps under different circumstances, but first, you must make your own happiness, The emotional Dilemma is often the case with the women’s fear. The man indulges in the pleasure of adultery and the Dilemma often arises only, if the mistress claims, or a living reproach. Cheated at the end of all three and when the children were in the game, as well. Why are some people in a happy relationship, and others. In our free E-Mail Coaching, we answer these and other questions around the topics Partnership and relationship. We want You to be happy.

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