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It was in Germany for the first time

Emma's Chatroom is a television series for children and young people, which was filmed in Australia, Germany and SingaporeThe series is produced by southern Star Entertainment in collaboration with the NDR, Screen Australia and the Australian channel Nine Network. A year after Emma and Ally as exchange students come to Singapore, you need to performance, the two after a dance at the school festival back in their home countries of Germany and Australia.

January from the children's channel Dating USA broadcast

Her friend Jackie back in Singapore. Especially Emma, the parting is difficult, because she has fallen in love with Jackie's brother, Josh. Your feelings are based on reciprocity, which does not admit, at the beginning, but both like. Josh gives the three girls the movie on a USB-Stick with a private chat room, with a mobile PIN to login. Hardly after you have tried this, going crazy all the electronic devices of the three and each of them gets an electric shock.

Some time later, the girls find themselves in a strange, empty world again.

After you believe, initially, that the electric shock killed them all three, you realize that you in Cyberspace caught.

The girls will find out how you can return by entering certain phone PINS home and how you the others this way in their home countries visit.

You need to keep the chat room, but a secret.

Together, the three experience in the respective home countries of the Friends have many adventures and don't realize that living with such a secret is not so easy. Moreover, Emma, who is madly in love with Jackie's brother, Josh, wants a reunion. So you would reveal the secret of the chat room, because Josh believes that Emma is in Hamburg, Germany.

Just as Jackie in Hamburg learns Nicholas is a friend of Emma's, the two fall in love and everything becomes more complicated.

Ally lives on a horse farm and, on that Dan helps out if the family has no time.

Ally there isn't, but it seems to spark between them.

Also, Jackie, Emma and Ally the ability to use the Cyberspace to travel, also at the National Dance Championships in Singapore, to participate and try, despite the time shift, to meet regularly in Singapore and train with their dance teacher Michelle for the dance competition."Emmas Chatroom"from January to August, exclusively at the original locations in three countries: Germany (Hamburg), Australia (Sydney) and Singapore.

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