This social network has gained immense popularity as a service for Dating.

Now we will understand what caused such a high popularity of the network.

Features of social network

«Dating site»a little like the standard»social networking».

There is no web page

Communication takes place via the official app, which is cross-platform and is suitable for all modern OS.

Format — chatovy. Somehow it reminds of the unforgettable ICQ, but the functionality is much wider.

In the present application the possibility to send gifts, there is a sophisticated search users, and the user activity that shows the changes on the profiles.

The network is rife with people from all over the world, including Russia. Moscow, Cape town, Stockholm, Moscow is also not left behind. Because the very social network oriented for Russian-speaking users, it is not surprising that there are people from other countries.


To get started you need to download the official app for your device. You can download it from our site:

After all, they managed to successfully download a Dating website»Dating Site»will require you to register.

This process is simple

When registering, use the mobile phone number.

After registration you can use a»Dating Site»like a Dating site. To log in will succeed only with the help of the credentials.

To create a page will not be easy, since the interface is intuitive. To load your profile page click»My page».

You can now start editing your profile