A complete list of the rules of communication in the video chat.

It is prohibited to:

— To close the camera or point the camera in another direction or otherwise trying to hide himself from view. The camera definitely should be seen by your face. Partial closure of the face is also prohibited. Hiding of the face using specialized software.

To be in front of the web camera in naked or half-naked (for example, naked torso).

— Touching the sexual organs as in the Nude, and through clothing.

— To insult or humiliate the interlocutor, or to use insults to „Ads“.

— It is strictly forbidden to unnecessarily use the functions of a complaint. Users using the button „Complaint“ for filing a false signal of the administration will be blocked for 12 hours.

Violators will be blocked for 12 hours. The systematic violations of the rules of access to the service will be closed.