A thought and a desire to go to a niche Dating. The reasons for my opinion such. system is outdated and doesn’t know what to do with the traffic and the users of its website. Attempts to revive the website doesn’t seem to be able. The same tape after the division got up and now was never a feature of the website. The questionnaire has not changed since the base (about 5 years ago) was outdated and no longer relevant and in General the website was changed only once. The audience of the website takes no part in the development of the site (if any).It seems the fathers of the founder finally switched to „Serious Dating“ and left the project.

What you plan to do.

First to change the format. From personal data to go into format of interest. That is, to identify a user’s interests, inviting them to fill in this version of the questionnaire. Select the movie, music, books, Hobbies that you like (out of the 10-15 choices in each category). Next, calculate the statistics and offer users with high rating overlap will be introduced. Will be a topic of conversation at least. Further, many possible variants. However, as a base it would be very interesting.

Games on the site. You can meet playing. Options 3 question 3 answer etc.

In terms of monetization is planned to connect to the Internet and thus the website will be attractive in terms of the affiliate program. Refer to the website % of their purchases will be your income. The same % of any purchases on the website will be your income. In addition to the online store, scheduled services and social games.

Another point. Now the Dating site has firmly become associated with sex Dating what I think disappoints many users. It is planned to introduce on the website and filter rules, according to which the users and the administrators will sift through profiles and messages exclusively sexual nature. Ban the rules to offer sexual services on the website under any sauce. For example, a user, especially for girls, you can mark those users who are only interested in sex. Some black marks, if they typed a great the user is locked.And on the contrary, give such marks as an interesting conversationalist, a great guy, etc. System is very similar to the new fashion trend now in geo-services, where users are ranked (Sheriff, passer, etc.).

Who need it. First, the developer and designer. It is very desirable from a Video chat because I live there and contact would be easier. However, if you share the idea, ready to engage and ready to move in Video chat, this option is also roll. Experience.

Even if for some reasons the project will not start. There are other ideas and I plan to make a Studio for them in any case. So I’m looking for the same long-term partnership.

Another condition similar views. I would like to work with like-minded. And the last, the last word on the development of a functionality for me. So I’m developing. But of course I’m for a compromise on some key issues, most importantly, the compromise had too often to look for, and therefore the similarity of views, and associate

forgot, marketer, search engine optimization, social networking really even considered a candidate joining