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June was a third season to be announced

Dead girls don't lie (original title: English for"reasons why") is an American television series based on the eponymous novel by Jay AsherThe first season was on. March on Netflix released. On Netflix, a Making-of called Dead girls: was also published lies The story behind it, including psychologists. May was released in the second season, along with a second"Making of". Two weeks after the suicide of his classmate Hannah Baker, a High School student Clay Jensen receives a package. In this, he finds seven audio cassettes, where Hannah's reasons for suicide calls and persons from their environment and partially to blame for this. Each Person is therefore (at least) one of the reasons to blame. Clay is one of them. While he listens to the tapes, he comes to the dark secrets of Hannah and many other classmates on the track. The plot is two-pronged: In the past, you can see Hannah's stories and situations that have influenced you. In the presence of Clay is to confront the other people on the tapes. These have heard the tapes in part already, and will try to process the appropriate stories.

Also was warned that the series could lead to Board action

As Hannah describes also offences, to prevent the most that the cartridges are known to the public.

Universal Studios acquired in February, the rights to the book adaptation to the Dead girl lying by Jay Asher. A short time later, the main was occupied role of Hannah Baker, first with Selena Gomez. At The End Of October was announced by Netflix to make the fabric a mini-series, in Gomez instead, as a producer involved. The main role of Hannah Baker got now Katherine Langford and Dylan Minnette of Clay Jensen.

Were turned to follow in the summer in Northern California in the North Bay Area.

The main locations were the cities of San Rafael, Vallejo, and Sebastopol.

For the school scenes, the analyte High School was used in Sebastopol, which has been renamed for the series"Liberty High School". Several classrooms and the library were used as filming locations. The scenes in the gym and the school ball were filmed on a stage at the Mare Island Studios in Vallejo.

Otherwise, much of the footage was shot in side-streets and shops of San Rafael.

At the beginning of may the at the was confirmed the production of one-part second season. May has been published. It follows on from the end of the first season and dealt with the consequences of Hannah Baker's death as well as the complicated healing process of the other figures. The German synchronization is created by the synchronous company TV Synchron Berlin. Responsible for the dialogue Director Jeffrey Wipp is right, he posted next to Thomas Maria Lehmann, Andre Lemme, Catherine seaman and Marco Rosenberg, the dialogue book. In the USA, the first season of the series was a predominantly positive response while The New York Times and The Washington Post expressed a critical. While some cultural critics rated the series due to their raised issues of bullying, violence, sexual harassment, rape, and suicide in a positive, not a Dead girl lies criticized worldwide by Doctors and health organizations.

Psychologists in the United States have warned young people and adults about the series, since these strengthen mental health problems, or could call.

As you requested Netflix to stop the broadcast of the series. Paris Jackson supported the criticism of the psychologists and of the opinion that the series could cause psychologically predisposed people, a deterioration of the mental state of mind. In fact, there were reports that some of the students injured themselves and as a justification of the television series information. Jamie, the founder of the Non-Profit organization To Write Love on her Arms, wrote in a letter that mentally strong people should avoid the series. In several canadian schools, the television series banned in new Zealand, in accordance with a decision of the national authorities in mind, the series year will see only in the presence of a parent or guardian. The Australian health organization Heads Pace criticised the fact that the series connected dangerous content with the theme of suicide. Manager Kristen Douglas pointed out that phone calls and E-Mails in the counselling offices, which were based on the series, have increased. In Germany, such an increase in calls and E-Mails related to the serial is not recorded in the number against sorrow. Also, the presentation of Hannah's suicide in the series will be criticized as irresponsible. The organization of the mouth space to the criticism, since such scenes could lead to imitation acts. At the beginning of the series will be warned of possible consequences, from the point of view of the US-American activists of the Save insufficient.

Heads Pace appeals to parents, schools and health organizations, with the themes of the series.

Ute Leitzkau, member of the management Board of the German society for the prevention of suicide, considers the criticism of the aid organisations and medical colleagues to be justified, even if the producers of the series to be pursued according to the Leitzkau a good approach. Leitzkau said that will is trying to make on the subject of suicide to the attention of, and educate, however, you criticized the way that the is is trying.

The series will offer a large projection area for young people who face a similar Situation.

Also of note from Netflix that the series could be disturbing, is criticised as inadequate. Leitzkau is of the opinion that the series was not suitable for the mentally charged teenagers and young adults. Nic Scheff, part of the team of authors of the series, disagreed. He said in an Interview that the series the viewer with the reality of confronting and made it clear that suicide does not constitute salvation, but agonizing Horror.

In addition, Scheff, the series with the idea that you slide in a suicide quietly in the sleep.

Actress Kate Walsh demanded that the Dead girl lying should not be considered as a mandatory program in the schools.

Walsh justified her statement by saying that the series will show how a suicide look, and that this theme is a big secret.

In addition, the series promoted the discussion of issues such as sexual violence, school bullying, and persecution based on skin color, gender, or sexual orientation. Also, Selena Gomez defended Dead girls don't lie against the allegations. They argued that they had kept to the plot of the novel, and said that the Film was the work of Jay Asher visualized. You said that the series would sooner or later be the subject of controversy. The topic of suicide is not to discuss easy to use, that's why she was glad, as the discussion of the topic that are going on currently.

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