Dating without registration and without

You can explore without registering on the site you liked the personGo to his profile and under the photo click"Write message" This opens the page where you can email him your message, your name, city, email and any other contact information. Please note that users can disable this functionality and to communicate with them you can only after registration. So on the next page and it will be written"You could send a message without registering, but in the settings of your profile it has blocked receiving messages from anonymous users." In addition, you can even hide your profile for those who are not registered on the site. So you will see not all users, and not all will be able to chat meet without registration. In order to protect users from potential spam, put a small restriction: without registration you will be able to send messages no more than once per minute. Acquaintance, not only without registration, but free Sending messages to users of the Dating site is absolutely free, no SMS or other payment methods. Similarly, registered users can view profiles and communicate with each other without restrictions and paying anything. The only paid service is"Always on"connection, it is able to receive and send messages from the site via SMS. But it is not mandatory you can enable or disable it at any time. Meet and chat absolutely free.

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