Welcome to the website for single moms and dads «, «Where Daddy. This website Dating for single parents where you can meet single fathers and single mothers, and all who want to meet them for serious relationship and creating a family. It is specifically for mothers and single fathers, and for those looking for a serious relationship and wants to start a family. For those who want to meet a woman with a child or with a lone father. Free Dating site. Registration, searching and viewing profiles, photo publishing and other activities completely free. And also, totally free to send messages to users. It’s a Dating site without the VIP statuses and premium accounts. A great opportunity to meet and communicate personal messages, love notes, personal and General blogs, micro blog, forum, chat, comments. «Where Daddy» — actually a social network for parents, site for finding friends. ‘»Where Dad»‘ it is also a club for single parents. Communication is not limited to the Internet, users can arrange meetings, parties, road trips come with their children. The possibility of Dating without registration. You can get acquainted with a person without registration, send him a message with your telephone, email address and other contact information. A serious test of questionnaires, through which here only decent and adequate people. The crooks, the adventurers, Alfonso, concerned teenagers and other people with questionable goals or are unable to get here or are quickly removed without the possibility of re-registration. Only real people no bots-spammers, fake profiles marriage agencies, non-existent people. Real site for real people. The website is perfect for divorced people with experience of family life, and to experience girls and young people. The adaptive design. A separate mobile version of the site is no longer needed. Thanks to the adaptive layout of the website adapts to the screen size, and equally convenient for viewing with a computer, tablet, and smartphone. Happy meetings happen every day, people find each other, create happy family. Read reviews about Where their father is, and don’t doubt that are here to meet your love. If still in doubt, read why there is no fear here to register. The mission of this project to be more complete and happy families in which children do not have to ask, «where’s my dad. «. A list of profiles of men in countries and regions List of profiles of women across countries and regions to meet women in Paris or Moscow region profiles of men from Moscow Acquaintance with lonely moms from Moscow Profiles of single fathers