— We guarantee that we do not use fake profiles, or bot software.

— All users are checked, violators will be removed.

— We do not sell or exchange Your data.

— Fair statistics — You can always be sure that we show a fair number of users on the site, both men and women. You can check it in various lists of users, for example, those who went to the site that have registered in the past 24 hours.

Save Your time

Users who are not active on the website hidden in the search, therefore seem only those that are active.

— Search created for Your convenience. The search results are sorted by level of activity at the beginning of the search shows the users who visited the site recently. There are many types of search with different criteria, which can be saved, so You can quickly use Your search without having to enter data again and again.

— The response rate is the percentage of answers the user for new messages from other users.

— Publish your ad on the Wall today and will get a lot of answers

Ease of search

— 9 different types of search

— See new users that have registered on the site in the last 24 hours, the list of new users or

— View users who are currently online, in search or in the list below to choose the

Feed of new events on the website, which is new users

— A list of new photos uploaded by users over the past three days

— Search for users currently in the chat, and quickly begin to communicate

— Photo competitions

— The game how we Fit

— Free online translator

— Psychological test to help You find users who fit You.

Video/audio chat

— In search you can see only those users who have the same goals as you. Only General lists show all users regardless of their goals.

Convenience privacy on the website

— You can hide your profile, in this case it will see only those users whom You write

Platinum membership allows You to choose each time whether You want to display your visiting the website for other users or not. All for Your convenience!