First, you need to register on the site, you will be prompted when you first visit the resource.

Secondly, immediately on the home page you can see how many participants currently registered in the system. It is among these people and to search needed for you man. You point out — who are you (guy or girl) who you want to find (boyfriend, girlfriend or friends), what age, what city/country the person lives (automatically proposes the city where you live). You can also specify a web camera. For more advanced users there is an advanced search.

Thirdly, it is possible to see new faces registered users who are currently on the website.

Fourth, especially for the convenience of users, you can see the Top 100 girls or boys in your city you certainly will try to get in the future.

And finally, fifth, you have the opportunity to find travel companions to travel to your chosen country.

Also, if you start to chat with new people, but not sure about your eloquence, you will be asked to take a hint. To do this, click „Start chatting“, and the creators of the site will select for you an interesting and original greeting.