Want to be offended, but this fact is unlikely to be a significant event for those present. Moreover, the audience is passionate about communicating with friends via chat, maybe even the novice to ignore, even if he speaks your eternal „Howdy“. We often see, as a beginner, squeezing just a greeting in a few minutes disappointedly leaves the tape, finding no companion to chat for anyone not acquainted in Dating chat.

Another, by contrast, is desperately trying to attract attention with abuse or flooding, or wantonly abusing to the audience — and soon, too, leaves the frame, with the help of the moderators. The third is indignant terrible boring, in his opinion, a company that complains about ads, vain promises him a good chat for lots of fun and gets nothing but universal ridicule.


Here are some simple tips that can help the newbie chat and Dating.

Do not throw in the frame as the head in the pool. Watch some time on the strip chat without login in. Every chat has its own „atmosphere“ — try to catch. Pretty soon You will be able to get an idea of the potential interviewees to estimate — which of them would You want to communicate and who You are not „tough“ or be uninteresting.

Take a bit of effort — think of a good nickname. The result will definitely pay off. Nick, it is desirable to have the original and at the same time — warm, romantic, mysterious or cool. It will be good if nick will want to ask the question — why You chose it. With such a question in the chat starting many ties to communication. For example, I was tortured to comment on the questions of the curious girls — I really such a bad Robin and why, in fact, that bad.

Rude, annoying, pointless nick could severely undermine the position of the communication. Understand: to You, the person looks at nick, mentally uttering it. Selected for chat good nick encourages communication simply because the interlocutor is a pleasure to say a pleasant word. A name like „Bobby“ very soon tired to turn. Read more about the names of the chat here.

Please be patient. Try without irritation to accept the fact that You are still — „it is not clear who“, whereas the majority of the participants know each other, chatting a lot of time. Here You personally would be to devote time to God knows who, instead of meaningful communication with a good friend? Unlikely, perhaps — unless this „unknown person“ you’re right, the eyes will manifest itself very interesting person.

Give an example of correct tactics of communication. Do not attack from the old-timers chat and look at the arriving newcomers. Answer greetings, try to communicate. What newcomers will be for You the most grateful companions chat. Because they are more „green“, right?:) It means that You for them a little bit „old-timer“ with which they are willing to pursue dialogue. Organize your circle of acquaintances. Lay out the cards private communication in a frame of the chat: make jokes, make thoughtful comments. Sooner or later come to the attention of those „veterans“.Be sure they see You as a good conversationalist in chat are always in demand.

And here are some tips on what not to do.

Do not offer to reveal „mysteries of women“. This unpretentious joke joked a thousand times. It is the business card of the person narrow-minded, able to perceive only lying on the surface — „what I saw — that I sing“.

Do not engage in demonstrative whining, if You have not paid enough attention. This will only ruin your opinion of yourself. Still up the oak tree to crash down to the common man to feel the desire to dispel the boredom of the first stranger. People tend, rather, to appreciate those who can entertain themselves. You want to be successful? Be yourself.

Our chat provides a free online chatting without registration. Some reason interpretiruya this fact as the principle of complete permissiveness. This is absolutely wrong. We firmly believe that chat is intended for communication, not for limitless expression. Communication without registration implies a regime of free entry without formalities. However, the very nature of chat communication is subject to ruleswhich it is desirable to see. If you violate the rules, the moderators may impose sanctions, from a warning to removal.

If „the worst happened“ — You were removed, it is reasonable dignity „to serve time“, he returned without losing face. Some people try persistently to get through the chat, complain to the moderators, insulting them, brawl, call on the sympathy of the public. However, I can assure discreet „male“ type of behavior in female chat is valued much higher tantrums like ladies. It makes no sense to take credit for such a liability if you plan to continue to come to the chat and continue to chat.

Since we are on the moderators, it should be understood that a chat with a long history has established a corps of killers. Useless annoying to tell the administrator about your suitability for this craft. Practice is that the administrator himself is the opinion of the visitors and thus offers a particular party to assist in maintaining order.

Many regulars chat August, coming in at, I am surprised that there are only very few visitors have „privileges“ — phrase of the input / output, the status, the gradient of the color name, font, icons. It is a tradition of chat. Administration zht stingy with privileges, because it considers that the chat should primarily be in good texts. You also more interesting to meet and talk with someone than to see how the colors of the spectrum he painted his phrase, isn’t it? Therefore, by signing up, do not rush to contact administrator for privileges.The granting of privileges is solved like issue of appointment of moderators — by the decision of the administrator on the basis of the known reasons.

But You have already more or less settled into a chat, have found partners for communication, with whom I would like to talk more, preferably tete-a-tete. For this purpose there is a „personal profile“ — a mode of communication, when the overall tape can be hidden from other talk phrases. However, for this conversation, we should know that the other person also wants to communicate with You in confidence from others. After all, „personal profile“ — a personal space where a man wants to see his chosen people. You can try to contact the source in person and gauge the reaction. If he will answer the same — then everything is OK.If ask „exit from the personal questionnaire“ or „stop whispering“ — so, alas, did not happen. Then, how to fulfill the request and not to impose itself.

It’s only the most popular tips from the experience of communication in our chat. They are useful for beginners at first, and will help to get to discover the chat „Women’s Secrets“.