We are pleased to provide you with expert assistance as necessary and noble cause — the creation and preservation of the family.

Family creation

The preservation of the family if began to arise


Consultations on the matters of the heart

For this you can without becoming a client of the Dating service to come to pay a one-time consultation or by becoming a customer and paying once to get a variety of assistance and support to the final decision.

Dating Agency has a large database of girls and guys, men and women.

To use the database you must sign a contract with the marriage Agency and become a client. This is necessary in order to comply with:

Privacy policy

Ethical standards of behavior


The accuracy of the information

In the contract with the marriage Agency clearly defines rights and obligations of the parties.

If desired, the client may further specify other conditions

For example, take the VIP service, not to show their pictures or even a questionnaire, choose only the phones given only with the consent of the client, etc.

Database Dating agencies in the web is not exposed.

Man or woman we can show on the Internet only at their request or with their consent

Phone customers we do not sell.

To get a phone need to be a customer and comply with the requirements