A quick introduction — an unusual and vivid events, which are becoming increasingly popular in France. The Agency»City of Dates», invites you to attend parties in the format of speed-Dating in our Dating in speed Dating: the history and essence of direction

The first event in the style of»speed Dating»took place in

Soon, their efficiency was recognized, they became a good way to find a soul mate and relationship.

The efficiency of this method of speed Dating has long been proven in Western countries. In France the acquaintance of such a format is relatively recent, but the interest in them continues to grow. Now all the lonely hearts of new York city have a huge chance to find your soulmate: for this you just need to come to an exciting event, organized by our specialists.

Typically parties are held for people of the same age category.

They involve an equal number of women and men

Girls are at numbered tables every five minutes, sits the new representative of the stronger sex. During the live communication, the interlocutors make an impression of each other. Each mini-date should be evaluated under a special»map choice». After the party the organizers of the Dating send contacts to those couples who have the sympathy of the match.

Party Dating speed Dating of the»City of Dates»

Our Agency regularly organizes evenings of flirting in new York city and invites everyone to take part in them. For the representatives of different age categories are organized your party comes — people. This means that you will be able in one night to chat with — people.

For events Dating we choose comfortable rooms in a presentable institutions. Each couple communicates in a pleasant atmosphere for minutes. It is proved that this is the optimal time in order to understand how the person you interesting.

After the signal the men move in the following table

Nice music, breaks for refreshments and entertainment rooms help you to relax and enjoy the evening.

After communication of the partygoers flirting expects cheerful entertainment with dancing, in which they will be able to share coordinates with their favorite people. Activities organized by the club»City of dates», not like boring meeting. You waiting for exciting, dynamic and exciting party Dating that has helped many people to find love.

Real experience in new York

The popularity of speed Dating and parties from the»City of Dates»is constantly growing.

There are a few reasons:

The safety and convenience

Find a reason to meet in real life is much harder, it takes more time. In the Dating club you’ll need all evening to meet dozens of new people and chat with them. In this case, you are not required to support further relations.

The prospect of Dating. Usually the party is visited by those who are looking for finding a soul mate is seriously looking for a lasting relationship and think about marriage.

The opportunity to attend events at any age. In Dating to find happiness may not only youth, but people of middle and older age. Our events prove that love is worthy of everything.

As practice shows, even a modest and unsociable people in the process of party Dating dramatically transformed. The atmosphere is so friendly, comfortable and natural that everyone can be interesting and confident person. At least of participants parties speed-Dating find a partner for serious relationship. If shyness or lack of time does not allow you to arrange a personal life of their own, come to the club»City of Dates». We offer gift certificates for participation in parties for your friends and loved ones