Let’s look at the subtleties of communication on the Internet.

What distinguishes Internet communication from the real?

In life we are who we are. On the Internet we are the ones who seem to want.

So on one hand you should seriously treat your virtual way is to choose a beautiful nickname and picture.

And on the other it is not necessary to evaluate a person by his online presence. Except that his sense of humor and creativity… and the resulting image. You better know what you want to communicate with Terminator or with Peter)

When you write a message, there is time to think about their words.

Live chat more directly, difficult to hide the reaction.

At the time, I gladly rolled up on ICQ tantrums, calmly drinking tea;)

Virtual communication is possible over large distances.

If you communicate with a person in the network, distance becomes an obstacle only if you decide to meet. In other cases, communication with the American differs from chatting with a neighbor across the street only time their presence in the network.

What we communicate online?

Killing time

Often, sitting at work doing nothing… Why not talk to someone? Such communication is usually to what does not oblige, just light chatter. Although sometimes develops into a real friendship.

Looking for friends

– no time to chat in reality. Is that the same job or on the road And then exchanged numbers or found in social networks and chat continues!

Looking for life partner

Many believe that to look for satellites in the Internet is no more dangerous than a club or on the street. At least before you seriously get to know and share personal information we learn about the man at least something from the conversations. Although, like in the club, you can run… But to get rid of much easier – to change a room or a page, or even delete the profile…

By the way, one of my friends met online with her husband. And I’m sure that’s not the only case.

In all cases, at the initial stage of communication on the Internet is about the same. Therefore, we can offer some generic advice.

What not to do when communicating via the Internet

To believe everything that says the source

Not everyone wants to reveal the soul to the first comer. Some love to invent. Wrong it may be gender, age, occupation, and photo…

These things need to be simpler, especially at first intercourse. You – strangers, and nobody swore on the Bible „to tell the truth and only the truth.“ The little things will be forgotten and will not affect further communication, inaccuracies in the process become clarified. The longer you chat, the sincere will your communication or as an option, people lose the thread and all will become clear.

Give personal information of „unverified“ people

Do not, of course, to invent a new life. But the phone number in the box information about yourself should not make. You can restrict the name without a last name and zodiac sign. It is not necessary to distort only information about their own interests – after all, Internet communication is built on their similarity. The rest – it happens all they want, will emerge in the course of the conversation.

Photo network

How to choose a photo? On the „classmates“ and „contact“ usually, this question does not arise. Harder to online Dating sites…

It is not necessary to upload your best photos. You never know who will fall… And you never know who will be disappointed when we meet. It’s a nice shot where you look more or less natural. With a city walk or a picnic.

The question „send a photo“ gets an edge only when communicating in ICQ and its analogues. Personally, I prefer first to communicate, to find out if I have with a person something in common, and then you want to share. Someone else’s photo to send is not worth it – or think about as soon as you get out, if it got out;)

And be prepared that the photo sharing communication can end, especially if you haven’t yet found points of contact – the taste and color of comrades there. This is in no way a reason to be upset. Alas, the network is sufficient boors, and it’s good that he’ll never bother you again:)

Tips for finding people online

We strongly suggest you to search for people the less chance of running into a weirdo.

In virtually any online communication, there is a search box in which you can ask for you options. If you’re looking for a companion without far-reaching plans, not particularly important where the person lives and how old he is. But you should pay attention to his interests, to have something to talk about.

Usually search engines have this option as a keyword. For me safe bet is usually the word „fellowship.“

In addition, when the search engine will give you options to choose from before you start communicating, you should see your personal information. If the person does not want to meet in the network, in most cases he writes about it in personal information.

As an option – there you can find something that will attract your attention to the right person – a quote, a passage, a familiar name of movie.

Another subtlety: pay attention to the status of the interlocutor. If it is „offline“, wait for a response will have much longer than if he was „ready to talk“.

How to start a conversation?

Went interlocutor smile and say Hello. You can set some noncommittal question like, „how’s it going?“ or „would you like to chat?“. And wait for a response. Answer – keep talking, no – texting someone else.

According to my personal statistics of communication in ICQ, meets every second the source. Though time on time is not necessary – it happens that out of 10 answers 1, but it says nothing, just one of those days. And if the man replied – it does not guarantee long-term Association. You can lose each other interest after 5 minutes of conversation.

What to talk about?

About what you want. Some interlocutors immediately take the initiative in their hands, some have almost torture… it is Useful to have in store a couple of topics, like the discussion of the new film or the political situation in the country.

As an option, will approach the game in the „issues“. You ask each other questions in turn. Ask a question, the source answers, the answer to your question itself, the other asks the question… And so on to infinity. You can learn about each other a lot, and the need to answer their own questions puts the limits.

How to understand whether to continue the communication?

The criterion here is one: self-interest. While you’re wondering, it makes sense to continue. As soon as you get bored, you can collapse the communication. Not necessarily to explain the reason, especially if the person is clearly „not your man“ – you can add it to the ignore list.