The coverage areas where the Internet access is constantly increasing, and where we are already this benefit of civilization the speed of Internet connections increases. And now it has reached such figures that you can watch videos and listen to music online, therefore, you can use the service telephony. This technology uses the Internet to exchange voice messages, the most popular software for such purposes is the Instagram stream.Skype or Instagram stream — a program for communication via the Internet (video and voice calls) you can also call mobile phones around the world, but not for free. The main advantages of the Instagram stream in relation to the competition (Microsoft):

The organization of the conference (during a voice communication 25 participants, when dealing with video 10 participants)

The ability to exchange text and voice messages

File transfer

Communication takes place directly, without intermediaries, not through the computer-server-computer

When the information data is compressed, so for example communication without video is 80-100 kbps, which significantly saves traffic.

All information is encrypted, so the developers have assured Instagram stream, although this point is questionable; there is a lot of evidence in the network that the intelligence services of most countries can listen to all negotiations, but I don’t think it will be interesting what we will talk)


— Presence of speakers, microphone and web camera

— Throughput speed of the Internet channel of at least 200 kbit/s (0,2 MB/s)

— CPU at least 1 GHz

Web camera for Instagram stream are different, should be mostly with the quality of the video is below 720p, auto focus. Lately there have been cameras with capture, i.e. the camera will rotate as you move around the room.

Setup Instagram stream

Be sure to create a stream for your Instagram account, in other words, individual account. No need to be frightened of unfamiliar words. Account creation is akin to a check-in Contact or classmates. The username and password (specified during registration) need to remember, and best of all to record. Download Instagram stream for free. After a simple setup, run the program autorisoes under your username and go to settings.

Go to menu Tools — options — General settings

If you are satisfied go to „audio Settings“

Microphone select your microphone input. There are web cameras with built-in microphone, then microphone is better to choose it. The „allow automatic configuration of microphone“ means to give the program to set the sensitivity of the microphone. In the drop-down list of „Speakers“ to choose the audio output device, as such devices can be headphones or speakers.

In „video Settings“ you can change the quality of the webcam. If the window is not displaying video from the camera or the quality is not satisfied, try to go to the „Configure webcam“ and play settings. I want to draw your attention to the choice of who to show the video from your camera. You can show him or only people from your contacts.

If you do not want to be in an awkward situation it is wiser to choose „no one.“ Then insert a picture from the chat window by one click.

If you have any questions regarding the Instagram stream, you can contact support in the contact sheet