However, there is a special variety of website visitors who simply do not give a rest «Laura» the killers. They somehow believe that their main task is to comment on every action of the moderators, to join with them in an argument about the validity of certain sanctions, and also to explain, how actually should do. And instead of carry on a conversation with a nice person or help to get started on the website of the communication, the moderator is forced to answer Intrusive harassment of a guardian of justice, to which no one was instructed to observe.

The absurdity of this lesson is obvious, therefore, chat site chatting and Dating are forbidden harassment. If a moderator once asked You to leave him alone and not to bother communicating with him correctly to do it. Not recommend you also use primitive cunning bit of discussion on the site of action of the moderators, addressing the «in space» or other parties — all this can cause removal from the chat. Want to be offended, but the status of free site chatting without registration required guarantees of protection not only for visitors.

There are also fans unsubscribe to the moderator anything particularly dirty in a private office, a note or a mail, believing that he will be afraid to apply sanctions, as the public weren’t assaulted. «Whisperer» hopes to get pleasure from insults unpunished despite the fact that in the eyes of their friends on the website of communication it will remain white, fluffy and good, and in the case of failure, the public knows only the best, together we stand in his defense.This is a deeply flawed calculation, because in such cases, website administration is definitely on the side of the moderator and, moreover, rigidly authoritarian. For me personally, is no problem to bring gas to eternal punishment, despite the risk to spoil relations with a dozen of his enthusiastic admirers, to whom he had not yet written the offensive letters.

Very symptomatic is the fact that the vast majority of fighters for the «truth» they prefer to do it publicly on tape chat or the Guest, although the rules provide a mechanism of review of claims — appeal to the site administrator. It would seem, for justice is nothing more effective than couldn’t — because the administrator has the history of the site in which the recorded conversation prior to removal, and therefore, it is possible to determine the exact nature of communication and to cancel the decision of the moderator, if he was wrong.However, once it comes to specifics, all the eloquence somewhere suddenly evaporated. But do not lose the desire of much more waistpouch on topic about what the wrong people recruited for the moderators on this website.

One gets the impression that the real reason for the irresistible pull of to the moderators in some visitors sooner or later to seek sanctions against it and thus create for itself a sort of romantic image of the persecuted lone rebel, the victim, as expressed by some excited girls — for valinomycin. However, if you ask a simple question — why is it «unfortunate» does not use its legitimate right to claim, and pointedly seeks the sympathy of the public, it is possible to instantly get a more adequate answer.

In conclusion, I summarize what was said.

In modern conditions to create and maintain a free website of communication and Dating, including web chat without registration, it is impossible without a strong institution of moderators. And in dealing with them the correct way to arrange things so that they go about their business — and You your. If Your goal is to spend the time to find interesting friends or just for fun chat — you are welcome to our website communication features. But the maintenance of order on the website are out of Your hands.You’re still unknown details all within the chat conflicts and not interfere in my business «from General considerations of justice», not knowing all the ins and outs — at least silly.