Essential to such communication in the network is installed on the computer program. It can be most popular and popular now Skype or ICQ. Has developed, one might even say, historically (although the history of these programs is not so big as by and large not a big history and the Internet, and personal computers in General) that ICQ is often used for instant text messaging and using Skype make video or voice calls, although both programs support all the functions listed above.In addition, Skype allows you to make calls from PC to mobile and landline phones, but on a paid basis.

To use any program for communication, you must first enroll in the program (when you register, you will need to have a valid mailbox). Upon registration you will receive a personal login and password to enter the program. Now the login will be for you an analog telephone number, your personal ID. It is for this login your friends or colleagues can find you in an appropriate program for communication network among a huge number of other users to write a message or make a call.

Besides the General for all functions, each program has its own original features and additional useful features.