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To start the test

Typing the password and clicking on the «register» button, you will be able to start taking the personality test, where in addition to the criteria matching Dating online, you can specify search criteria that must be met in your future partner. To complete your registration on Dating online, you need to fully pass the test. Passing the test takes up to 25 minutes because the test covers all personality factors important to the relationship, and the results based on the algorithm of online Dating in the selection of the most suitable candidates for meeting with you.

Is it possible to stop the test for some time?

You can at any time pause the test, save the data entered and return to it later. To continue the test, quite on the home page top right to log in as a registered user by entering the email and password provided during registration.

Test passed. Now you are a registered user of Dating online!

After passing the test and completing the registration you will be taken to their personal page in the main menu:

► Here in the tab «Overview» will appear and will be updated a current list of your candidates for Dating and messages from them.

► Clicking the tab «My profile», you can view your test Results and complete the information about yourself and your preferences.

► Test results and information about themselves for each of the candidates you can see by clicking on the appropriate profile in the list of candidates.

► In the tab «My search» you can customize the search criteria of candidates for Dating.

► Top right on your personal page is a link «Settings». Here you can find the status of your personal account and subscribe to the newsletter and to change the terms of delivery of automated notifications (e.g., new candidates) on your email.

All your data, of course, protected. Learn more about data protection you can find in the Terms of the Privacy policy.

Why Dating online use real names?

At first it may seem odd that we have on the website is not accepted to use fake names. Appeal on behalf of the taken in Dating online has its advantages.

When referring to a name communication is more serious and trustful. Also with the help of this treatment there are no prejudices and speculation, as if you try to interpret. This creates a more equal relationship between users, creating a favorable atmosphere for meeting and talking with each other.

What to consider when choosing a password?

Choose your password so that he wasn’t too short and simple, providing enough protection for your personal page. It does not use as a password your name and surname, name of your city and other readily available information. In addition, the password must not match with the first part of your email address. The high level of protection is provided, if your password contains at least five characters and is a combination of letters and numbers.

What to do if you forgot your password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the home page under the line for the login «Forgot password?». After that enter your email that you used during registration. It will be sent a link, clicking on which you will be able to change the password.

Possible reasons why emails are not coming to your specified e-mail address:

► If you signed up using another email address or the email went into the Spam folder of your mailbox. Please check its contents.

► You have in your profile is not activated notification.

Please note that you do not get the new password and a link where You can change the password. Just enter the new password in the first free column and then repeat it in the second column.