Usually communicating, there are three parties. Communication — information exchange — wins online: it is easy to attach a document, picture, audio file, and the message becomes very reasonable. However, in communicating online, it is easy to miss an angry look or a wry smile recipient of your file — nonverbal communication offline richer. And with the dominance of online communication affected the development of emotional intelligence, i.e. the ability to Express their emotions and to understand others. features help, but only partly.

The other side of the interaction (the interaction between people: cooperation, confrontation). Hardly online significantly strengthens the strong connection (love, friendship, neighbourhood); intensifitsiruetsa weaker ties (friends, followers, subscribers). People often are online, join groups, participate in events (offline or may not reach the popularity of other video). In some cases, relationships develop into personal online really complements offline. On the other hand, weak ties and donate long…

Hardest changes in online communication social perception or the perception of man by man. Since the feedback is limited, online you can „embellish“ biography, life experience, skills, and respectively to represent themselves, choosing a suitable picture. Open powerful channels for manipulation. However, increasingly people are abandoning the notions and prefer to stay in online themselves. When your images are online and offline modes are not contradictory but complement each other, there is harmony, and it is the most sensible style of communication.