To start chatting guests don’t even have to register – just click the button «start». The interlocutor here you can find almost immediately. If social media friends have to print each message in Chat-roulette occurs eye contact. You hear the voice of the man who is many kilometers away from you, and it is much more important. Chat using video opens up a whole other side – after all, to talk to you every time with a stranger.This intrigue exciting and fascinating, each new chat and a new acquaintance, interesting conversation. You have a chance to share their experiences, ideas and thoughts.

Russian chat roulette gained unprecedented popularity due to the fact that it differs from all other resources in the same direction. Except for the lack of registration procedures and fees for the use of visitors like a simple, visually pleasing and user-friendly interface, lack of advertising, a large number of ready-to-communication interlocutors at any time of the day, the ability to remain anonymous. If the dialogue will seem boring or not interesting, you can without any explanation, click on the «next» button and go to the next chat.It is considered common practice, and the offense is on you nobody will, because in most cases, the users see each other for the first and last time in my life. The sides can vent to each other, to share your deepest secrets and secrets in full confidence that it nobody learns.