We understand that sometimes it is very tiring typing on the keyboard and especially on your mobile phone or tablet. I want to tell many things at once. Coloring is a storm of emotions and impressions.

Now it’s no problem! Yes, in our chat, you can chat using video camera. At the same time in the same room can be up to 4 video channels simultaneously. Imagine four guys and girls communicate simultaneously, via video, discussing the events or just have fun chatting. As if they really are in one room of the building. But hundreds of viewers write in chat that they all read. This unique opportunity is only available to us, it does not have other chats! To watch the broadcast even without registration.

First is a chat without registration. But registration will help you to establish an account tied to an email or your social network page. Of course other users in the chat will not be able to see the data and your account will be still the same anonymous.