Chat room in the Test of December

When you Call the chat platform, a Slideshow is running

In the chat room, women and men meet for an uncomplicated ChatIn public chat moderators online who look after the Chat rooms, usually. Youth protection is written in this Chat and inappropriate private messages can be reported immediately. Here are usually just users active photos and statistics of each of the Chatter with a simple right-click on the user name displayed. Chat room is free and the access is possible without registration. Pictures of laughing and good-humored men and women alternate with different lettering, in bright colors: Including the login window is located directly to the Chat started. Chat interested in, choose a nickname and join a room after you Accept the house rules immediately in the chat. Anyone who looks down scrolls the indication that no duty is to real information in advance. In addition, the page visitors will see the currently active Chatter in Numbers. A Counter counts the activity of the Community in different categories. In chat room anyone can join by entering a nick name immediately to the Chat and in touch with others.

No indication of an E-Mail address is necessary.

To Protect a Nick name with a password. The users of different ranks obtained by the active online time and the Saving of Coins. Up to ten images can be precisely registered members to upload without Coins extract. Each member can manage a list of friends, photos, view others, and view statistics. In the shopping center Coins to be issued in exchange for additional functions. Furthermore, each Chatter has access to a Forum where it can create and write articles. For our Test, we logged with a men and women's profile. With the men's profile, we have logged us on the PC, with the woman's profile and without registration.

Immediately noticed that the Chat with the two test profiles, largely without restriction.

The friends list, the shopping center and the chat games are only registered.

Photos can only be as a registered member to upload, but the Reputation of the information about other, and the active chat participation is possible for everyone who logs in. The functions are both on the PC and on the Smartphone. Anyone who wants to, writes in the global chat room with other members. Since the number of active users is very high, however, it is hardly possible to talk in private. In the left screen area of the Chat is running, in the right of the user to be displayed, and a Display of the available chat rooms is possible. In the case of private Chats in a separate window, which can be easily closed to open, when a private conversation is terminated.

Some chat functions are reserved for registered users

The font color can be changed and there are many Smileys to choose from that can be included in the sent chat messages.

Registered users get every day a gift, that happened to be included to Win. In our Test, we have gained Coins. The personal Status can be adjusted arbitrarily. For this purpose, the Chatter selects whether or not he has online, short way, ready to Chat, Play, or by telephoning, or love has to forgive. The games are suitable for the pastime well and are, in part, played alone and together with others. Since no member is forced to log in, the question is how you can retrieve in the run-up to the information about his possible chat partners. Members profiles, there is not generally. The Online participants are displayed in a list and can be clicked individually. Ranks, or whether someone with his cell phone is online, see any Chatter about the small Icons next to the name. In chat active, not registered, may be displayed to a user statistics, or the user will be addressed. Further, the private Chat is possible in a separate window, and messages can be blocked. Who wants to record with a registered member contact, also the friends list, you can send a friend request or invite. Images are adjusted, can these can be viewed directly. In the chat room inactive users are pushed in a Time-Out Zone. In this the online time will not be counted and no Coins credited. Back to the Chat everyone, if he clicks on the yellow bar 'Chat-Room'. Directly from the Chat from different games are available.

With a simple click of the Chatter starts, one of four selected options: At the high score Gomez player to select a category and try to reach a Highscore.

The categories are divided in Action, Bubbles of Co, Casino, Think, Jump, Run, classic, click, way, Racing, reaction, sports, and strategy. Interesting games to be created in a favorites list, the Top game list is available, as well as new games and most popular Games. Most of the users play games, the games in the category 'click away' and the casino. To challenge this game, you a chat partner and see who's first three crosses or circles in a row has housed. For each victory, a Chat will be credited. In a separate window, each of the rules to read and tips to good profit strategies to read. In a statistic that everyone sees, how often he won, lost or draw has played and can play in a ranked list. In Checkers, two players compete in the well-known Board game of checkers against each other. In our Test we noticed that the game can not be started and the Call to the instructions of the note does not appear that the designated page is available. Daily random questions are displayed, which can be answered.

For each question, four answer set of possibilities, out of which a right is selected.

In the case of a correct answer of the quiz participants will receive a Chat credited. The rate of correct answers is awarded the title of Quizmaster. Any member may self-possibilities, questions with solution suggest that are submitted to the Team chat room. During the Test, two questions were submitted as a proposal, and after a scant two hours, we have received the feedback that these have been adopted. A question is accepted, the Coins are counted. In the mobile version of the Chat is just as easy as on the PC. However, the games here are not usable. In a list that is scroll Through the online user. Private Chats are displayed under 'last chat'. The access to the Forum is easily possible, and the Nick Name can be protected with a password. Similarly, the Logout is possible. Who landed in the Time-Out Zone, by simply reverses lateral rockers on the Time-Out Zone back to the active Chat.

I happen to have found the Chatroom, and was at first very skeptical.

Everywhere me has jumped to the word free and, in my experience, the ends very often in costly subscriptions or expensive, as soon as you with other would like to get in touch. Since I could not find anything eye-catching, what the signs are hung on hidden costs, I registered me and the nick name my protected. Taken aback, I found that I had to enter any personal data. I find this actually quite good, however, I'm also a little cautious. In the chat room I saw many shared Links to external sites or posted pictures. Mostly of woman profiles. When Chatting with other women, I was a bit cautious, because I could not see, how old are the ladies. Interestingly, I was contacted after a while by a woman I have talked to some nice. The chat games I found very interesting and have potential for addiction. Compromise there is that you have in advance, no idea who they are has to do it. In public Chat it's full of contact requests, Skype or peculiar statements.

For example, a female profile that wrote the Question of whether other girls have to come in to your woman's doctor - From my point of view should be immediately filtered out, because in the chat room, the protection of the youth is promoted.

Overall, I would say that the chat room is a good choice for informal conversations without a targeted search for a partner. Chat room is a free Chat Portal for users from years. In addition to the Chat, there are also many features that leave no room for boredom. However, a detailed profile position is not possible, and otherwise the Portal is not suitable for the life partner. Since it is free, there are very a lot of advertising. Therefore, flirt, should agree always with caution, as it is unclear whether the chat partner is of full age or not. The age must be requested.

With a lot of patience.

Since there are no Profiles can be viewed and the active number of users is very high, it is very difficult to find a Partner. In each private chat is a reporting function integrated. Who is being harassed, use this function and the Team will review the case. Furthermore, other members can be blocked easily. In the public chat room moderators will intervene quickly when the Chatter behaviour is inappropriate. Excluded can be, of course. However, our Test on no concrete evidence. We had some nice conversations with both men as well as women, which gave the impression that real. Unfortunately, there are still no reports on the chat room. Be the First to share your experience with others.

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