What is the uniqueness and distinctive features of this communication?

Blame postmodernism

Let’s be honest. Many of us with his mountain of problems not crawled even before the ordinary Cabinet of a psychologist, and there is already some psychological chat and online counselors have divorced. We’re stuck. Stuck in the pile of personal difficulties and a large number of possible solutions to them. Stuck, not because someone eats too much or someone is too narrow of a door.

The fact that in the era of postmodernism, there have been numerous transformations of the lifestyle to which we are accustomed.

With the invention of the Internet there is access to a virtually unlimited amount of information, made possible virtual communication, the work is not in the office and at home on the computer. Online journalism, social media, translators, training… online Psychologist live chat is not a trend, and timely response psychology „challenges“, its Supplement.

Relevance of „comfort in the virtual space“:

it is in the way of human thinking of the postmodern period, for which the chat was the usual;

technology has become an integral part of life;

chat with a psychologist online chat/Instagram stream meets the pace of modern life;

emergency assistance through online counselling is important not only in terms of emergencies, but the financial crisis, economic and social instability.

Psychologist online chat. What are the characteristics of communication?

advice in real time is not correspondence by e-mail when your emotions are already “burned out”, but directly writing dialogue;

the safety of your anonymity that gives the chance to reveal your inner self and sensitivities, to be as forthcoming as possible with maximum security;

consultation in the chat is usually free;

no geographical restrictions – a dialogue with psychologist online chat achievable for people from different countries;

availability advice at any time of the day or time convenient for You or in case of emergency;

chat-conversation enables its further analysis, which is difficult in oral communication;

You never leave your comfort zone – an apartment, a sofa, a private office or favorite coffee shop;

You can control the time of the consultation and its response.

Thus, „psychic online chat“ – free, anonymous, available at any time of the day, confidential, and convenient for modern man. Online psychology does not deny other kinds of psychological care, but complements them in the network.

Use the advice of a psychologist online now, to address your concerns.