All alcoholics are tormented by the question: how to stop drinking, and not to be an intolerable craving for alcohol how to get rid of the constant obsessive thoughts about alcohol. I’m sure what brought You here, too. Maybe you have tried to quit several times, but the result itself was not: patience enough for a couple of months or less. You started to pull in the former, sagalow life with such terrible force that all other benefits and opportunities that you were given sobriety lost to you the meaning, and sober life seemed devoid of any meaning.Perhaps you have tried different methods of treatment: the encoding „patches“ or even went to traditional healers, whom many are divorced, now, in the vastness of our country. Why has there been no result?

People often ask those who left: how did that happen? Because at the time we ruin their lives with alcohol so as soon as you can do it. Tried unsuccessfully to be treated many times, and many of us have lost faith not only people around us but even ourselves. Sometimes we thought we were so „hopeless,“ and our will so weak that we’ll end up in intensive care with liver cirrhosis or in prison.

What do you need to quit drinking? The answer to this question is very simple – you need to want it. And more precisely – to want to change themselves. What do you mean by „quit drinking“? Think of abstaining from alcohol, not to use alcohol? So I used to think so. In fact to quit drinking means an inner change of man, his soul, consciousness, attitude to life. It’s a long way. To change, to learn again to enjoy life without alcohol time is necessary. Unfortunately, to do so promptly will not work. But do not worry.If you really want to quit drinking, that is to change yourself – so you are able to pass this way.

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