What is chat? Few users gather in one place (web site), and write each other messages in real time. People previously not encountered with this method of online communication usually is in a light shock. A bunch of texts, different in style, content and degree of decency with many intricate icons and in a variety of colors. Usually a beginner it’s impressive. Plus names where the authors ‚ fantasy is indescribable.

Psychology of communication in reality and the Internet of things are a little different. At first glance it is hard to determine what attracts people chat. But, nevertheless, this form of communication as a magnet to attract numerous Internet users that showed many studies. Recorded sites where the chat involved more than a thousand people during the day. Imagine when simultaneously online 200 – 300 participants.

Chats, according to the latest data are time killers online, as the average stay of the user in the chat 45 minutes, and it is much more other web resources. So, to some extent, the phenomenon can be considered unique.

Chat – features and capabilities

The style of the chat is determined by technical capabilities of the participants, which is very limited. A General feature of communication on the Internet lies in the fact that in addition to the text, the user does not have the capacity to transmit information. Hence was born a completely new form of communication. But if the forum or via email, the user even have time to think about your message when chat is not even this privilege.

As you know, in live communication 50% of information is communicated via paralinguistically of funds, i.e., facial expressions, gestures, tone of voice. Their use helps the interlocutor to create the necessary image. „Video chat“ are deprived of their usual means, so was introduced the prototype surrogate emotions of achievement. The use of different icons as a feature of communication on the Internet partly helps to give the text some kind of emotional focus, although the choice of the user is not rich.Veterans of various chat rooms and forums there are more of such designations of their emotions, but not all of them become generally accepted.

There are signs, known to all, such as positive emotion – a smile 🙂 , and then in ascending order:)) and negative emotion:-((.

Capital letters means screaming. But since these icons and dozens of smileys is not enough for effective communication, participants create chat rooms and other forms that are understandable to a narrow circle of interlocutors that often puts newcomers in an awkward position.

The main specificity of the chat – for a limited time. The answer is delayed for more than a minute, loses its relevance, so the members have no opportunity for the selection of literary phrases. In such laconic messages readers have to think out the meaning of the sentence, which, of course, does not allow for profound discussion.

The problem, misunderstanding characteristic of the chat, because participants are forced to resort to the epistolary genre, which is not typical for real communication. Therefore, the chat messages, such as „you misunderstood me“ very much. For this reason, the texts can very often be seen:) that means not just a smile, and emphasizes the irony of the utterance. It is an absolute necessity, because without smiles, many expressions taken seriously, especially beginners, may seem to them offensive.

For a person inexperienced, chat seems very primitive. But the way it looks not because the participants are people who are limited and narrow-minded. The reason is technical factors that does not allow for normal communication. Although it should be noted that this deficiency eventually develops into a virtue. After talking some time chatting, man learns quickly and clearly Express their thoughts.

The popularity of chat – what is the reason

As we can see, chat is associated with many challenges but why are they so popular? Because the participants of the chat, it does not people over forty years, which often in reality are experiencing a lack of communication, and young people from 12 to 20, which in the real world communicative opportunities are very broad.

From this we can conclude that the usual chatter and expansion of the circle of friends is not the main reason for the popularity of chat. For video chat, who spend hours hanging out on web sites, it’s part of their life. It is unlikely for a person who is not a permanent participant, understand the nature of the process. In addition, we must recognize that not everyone will be able to „fit“ in the community „live chat“.

The reason is that many people, the virtual world has become part of reality, and even more. If the person has the ability to some extent to realize themselves in a new way and to achieve what is impossible in reality, what the world will be more real? For such people, surrogate world network communication ceases to be a surrogate, and limited technical capabilities grow in dignity.