Good day. how to be. the fact that I live in a room apartment. and then once I called my dad and said that if I took a lodger I have long disagreed but dad was insistent, and I agreed to let him in for a month. I can’t contradict the Pope as the kV it. the rent money it took. later, I resigned and decided to leave it. he is but very diffident, timid, and obedient. does not smoke does not drink or Dating girls. job and a house. his way of life. with all this, I am divorced and raising one son who is years old. boy. Today I learned shocking usual provera my email on the computer I went onto the Dating site where opened my page and my lodger. where in detail I saw how he was acquainted with men. he turned out to be gay. or rather, bisexual. where it is recognized to all of their platitudes and leaves your phone. and some correspondences even indicates my address and invited men to my home so I sometimes go on business trips but my son leave his mother. The question that I am often left him with his year old son in the evenings because a relationship with a guy. and in the evenings spend time with son in his room, he in his. today after learning about this I asked my son did not stick to thee, our lodger. he said no when I asked and did not climb if he pants to which he replied Yes, he sometimes poking around there. and showed his p. ku. and gave me sweets. I told dad he is also in shock. we decided today to expel him or rather tomorrow since it’s night. I have a question could tell him everything I know, or to beat him for all that he did. and do not break down whether the psyche of my son. after years they all remember throughout life