Each user is a set of tags

each user specifies the on the tags it sees fit

more informative and interesting than you have tags, the more people will want to talk with you

using tags, you can easily find desired and interesting people

without tags, you cannot offer to communicate to others

Your reputation solves everything

Reputation is a relative indicator of the adequacy and sociability of the interlocutor. Every time you touch with anyone you should give the interviewee a plus or a minus in reputation, depending on what showed your partner.

The greater your reputation the higher your position in the tape who want to communicate and the more advantages and opportunities.

Main provisions:

— the number of votes you can give is calculated by the formula —

«(your reputation 2) — number of votes»

— you can’t affect the reputation of the one who gave you the first advantage, until you get a plus from another source

Opportunities with a reputation:

1+ — affect the reputation of the interlocutors

1+ — add new tag

1+ — write chat messages

1+ — specify arbitrary information about himself

1+ — send a link in the message conversations

2+ — share messages in the chat

2+ — send a photo

2+ — receive notifications about new conversations by email

Also, you can leave a short feedback about each other that will appear in the history of reputation.