How to meet a man online? It would seem that this is a very easy question with a simple answer, of course, to go on a Dating site and there to choose a one or with a dozen men and take off to meet you. No, it is not so simple in the Internet.

First you need to correctly fill out a form, you can view profiles of women already on the website and learn to start them, how to fill out your profile. For best results, it is necessary to write briefly and interestingly, men do not like to read abstruse speech and long. Then it is necessary to choose the pictures for putting them in your profile, not priukrashivanii them beyond recognition in the editing software, it is better that the man immediately understood with whom he deals. But it is the terrible photos too, to put not worth it, men still love the first eyes, though, and claim that they need the soul.

Once you put your data, you will begin to see many men, will write. Do not rush on the first comer who will invite you for a date, communicate well, at least a week with him on the website. Look at the pictures of him, if a man does not put your photo, it is clearly married. His face can say a lot about his personality. In the course of correspondence ask tricky questions, but covertly, so he doesn’t know that you calculate. If you are satisfied, push it to the fact that he invited you on a date.

A first date should take place necessarily in a public place, you don’t know what kind of man he really is. Come across a lot of freaks on Dating sites online. The first impression of the man is always right, listen to your intuition. Look at how he behaves, how he talks, how he looks. Some men allow myself to go on a first date unshaven, in dirty clothes, and without money. They can’t even invite you to a cafe, sit with a Cup of coffee.

So, if you parse man on the shelves, we can draw the following conclusions about the first meeting.

If a man is not tidy, it means he has no respect for not only himself, but also you initially.

A man uses in his vocabulary of profanity, immediately think about it, but do you need such a man.

A man doesn’t invite you to the cafe, citing the fact that he had no money, we can say with accuracy up to 100% — it is either poor, or greedy, or absolutely not courteous.

You came to the cafe, you bring the account, the man makes big eyes and says that he forgot their wallet at home, offers to pay you, and he allegedly then returned the money to you, it is 100% gold digger and a liar.

The man immediately invites you out to his house, or riding in the car. This is a clear provocation to sexual activity. A serious relationship with a man will not work.

The man begins to find fault with his first wife and he only talks about it. Forget about this immediately, he still loves her and happiness will not let you. Will always remember former.

Man the whole evening tells what his beautiful daughter or a good son as they play together perfectly the weekend. Here is not the place, he has his own retreat, is his children.

Man all evening only talks about themselves, about work, about my Hobbies. Think about it, if you can live with such a man all my life, if it’s just the listener and his shadow.

But not as bad as 8 paragraphs of analysis of men. Not all men are like that. If he is gallant, on a first date came with flowers (not shitty little Daisy in a plastic bag), invited you to a cafe or restaurant, walking home on your own car or taxi. Led small talk and asked you about your life, then this may be your man.

In the future, when you have found your Prince in this tale called the Internet, cancel your profile and don’t go there anymore, even for the sake of curiosity. Keep the happiness you have found.

How to meet a guy in Contact

Any girl wondering about how to meet a guy in contact, and in General puzzling questions about how they meet, or the strange girl well, or have prices that kind of girl. Actually, logically, a concern with regard to the first action: approach, talk, meet, write, come up with a reason to explore, etc., usually falls on the shoulders of guys.But if you believe the statistics, many guys, even those for whom the acquaintance with a girl does not cause any difficulty or confusion, often thinking that it would be nice if a girl showed interest first and attempted to get acquainted.

So if you like some guy, it is not unnecessary to be afraid of being rejected. Never need to fear, the more is the contact there you will not beat and will not bite. Even if you don’t like him as a girl, at least, will interest or intrigue, because it is so rare to find a girl who’s not waiting for something, and she takes drastic measures.

So, where to start? In General, for the beginning it is best to weigh all the pros and cons of Internet Dating. If there were more pluses, you can go directly to the stage of Dating. Right start will help you a simple „Hello“. What to write next you will prompt the information, carefully prepared by a young man on his page. Really section of can choose any. Perhaps you have watched the film, which he pointed out his favorite, read a book, or likely you’re liking the music from his playlist.A lot of variants, most importantly, that your first message wasn’t spam, so write intelligently and from the heart. In the future, try to show yourself as an interesting companion, and then most likely, he will suggest you meet outside of the Internet. If not, do not despair, because young people are too shy and indecisive, unable to offer themselves to meet. But it is not necessary to practice this approach all the time, the man should be a man and don’t have to mumble and wait for some action from the girls.If he can’t gather my thoughts, and all will rely on you, then think as to whether this guy you were looking for. In General, the possibility of contact is great, and there is a high probability that you will be able to find the one you want, and it may happen that you will find much earlier.

How to find the groom on the Internet

When dealing with the opposite sex via the Internet, it is advisable to adhere to the following rules:

Beware of men who are loaded with more than the President, so he has no time to meet with you even during his legal holiday. If a man is busy with meetings with friends, Laundry, cooking, etc., you can imagine the place in your life he takes you.

Beware of men who can’t be with you even in online during the holidays and other significant dates for you: birthdays, Valentine’s day or when you need a simple emotional support. If he can’t revise their plans for the day, and put you, at least occasionally, in the first place in the list, you will always take his life the last place.

Be careful to what he says about himself, try not to miss any details. If the history, data and arguments in my defense, changing every day, is a warning sign for you. The same red flag are uncertain response to clearly formulated questions.

Be especially attentive to stories designed to evoke compassion in you, especially about the death of family and loved ones, or unexplained severe illness. Remember, if a story sounds too fantastic to be true, then it isn’t true.

Beware of men who try to make you feel guilty for the questions that you ask of them, in order to clarify the situation. If a man tries to accuse you of aggressive behavior in response to expressed your comment, it makes sense to remember the old adage about the best remedy.

Beware of men who use their children to justify the inability to meet with you on site. Usually they say they don’t want their children to get used to you before he will be convinced of the seriousness of your relationship. This concern may be justified in the first months of your communication, but if you have already met several times with him in your territory, and he expressed a desire to come to you again and again, it is obvious that the problem is not in his children, and their father.

Beware of the so-called elusive men who have mobile phones are always turned off or he constantly calls you back for long hours. Suggest you be wary if he constantly claims not to have received your call or message, and constantly curse your operator for lousy communication.

If he never comes online or sends you a response, despite what he promised you, and moreover, he does not find this explanation satisfies you, take it off your contact list. If you forgive him like disrespectful to you at least once, rest assured, he will repeat like this many many times.

Beware of men, whose mood towards you changes like the spring breeze. First, he can’t stop talking with you, writing to you several times a day, then disappears for a week, and sometimes two. This behavior is designed to make you a victim of his whimsical and carefree whims. Play by your own rules, live by your schedule.

Check the information about their fans. If you know where he works, find a website and check the information given on the website, with the information that he has given you. And in General, try to maximum benefit to use the Internet and gather as much information about your boyfriend before you are going to meet him in real life.