Claudia, the heroine of the film, like many middle-aged women, not is personal life. And then one dreary evening, she decided to put up the ad: Lonely woman wants to meet you. So is the fate of the man named Valentine, a former circus performer, a survivor of physical and mental trauma and in the end descended. The attitude of Claudius toward him is very contradictory. She has to take a difficult and important decision hi. See the page of the film»Lonely woman wants to meet you.»Dating site does not store in database e-mail addresses entered in this window, and not going to use them for any unauthorized purposes, the Film is not new, and have watched it several times. It’s on the other eye saw it. I don’t know if is ripe, but the film broke out in me something straight all the way to slesinski. Internal the heroine is tired of being alone, but convinces himself and others that she is a strong woman, she doesn’t need anybody, and all wonderful. Only when this voice breaks into tears. But when it comes to the candidate for salvation (Zbruev), she understands that it is not what she expects. And what she expects. She herself did not understand now. Clash with reality when in her life comes a stranger. But it crushes and external opinion. And he partially gives in. These throwing shows very well, very believable. Then she breaks down and says that she needs care, not that she cared (the scene when the man came to her. But when it comes to his ex-wife, during this conversation, it changes everything. She wants to return the person. Something changed in her. Maybe she realized he is not that bargain. They came home and opened the door, as if inviting to him. If at first the character is constantly on edge, tense as a spring, then after the climax it goes freely, as all decided for themselves. So if someone does not guessed, melody circus hero Alexander Zbruev performed, when the time came to tell about themselves. It’s funny, but that’s what I remember the most from the whole picture. And then the second time. Once past it takes place, does not cling for some reason. No, A. Zbruev good no doubt a great talent, but it was too hero he is useless. Still to defend what you know is guilty at best of condescension will get no chance for something more substantial. Yes, and I. Kupchenko something extremely weak look. Not understand, whether her role is so abusive, whether the frame was in the form. Not like me. I’m not inspired. Vanity of all kind, you know. It hangs up ads, then rips. Then there, we want tea. I do not like. Hefty smacks my favorite. They do not know what they want. Seriously. And the ending, especially the open any longer. Fantasize, that is, do not want. The problem, of course, indicated here without question, but only what options. Eternal talk on the subject, he would be happy not to drink, but there is no escape. Lonesome as hell, no one understands, and all that. Passed. There are even classic. Don’t believe it. it is not necessary here much more. And do not want to hear. suitable. Because it is not original. To put it mildly, is Not new. A women’s party. I don’t even know. Here are the words why me. and, they say, why me so young, beautiful and so necessary that I can understand. Because, really, all adults, and to understand, to pity, to listen to no good. For no recoil. A one-sided game. Looking for it not because your bored or got nothing to do, want to caress, to comfort commercials can be a dog to start or is there, say, to adopt a minor who in order to grow, so to speak, of attachments was. Therefore, entirely appropriate to such problems. But one of them is not limited. From the opposite flank begin to creep into the thoughts of a different kind. They say, Yes its better inferior. Let him on the couch belly up, but close. Well, etc. It is, of course, anything can happen, but I think that in the long run, the relationship is doomed. Again, due to obvious bias. Well, God bless him, I think. Everyone chooses for themselves. Now imagine that you have to deal not with the first version, and not with the second, and swings. Here and there. Nick, Bob.

Without me. Such considerations arise here. So also E. Nightingale character was a very poor Kassian, but it’s all so again. Fact doesn’t change, weather does. Therefore, considering the above, we can confirm that the movie has turned on the fan. Made, so to speak, based on understanding audience. I such do not consider, therefore, put Social networking and Dating sites, it echoes of the Soviet past and in particular, pictures a Lonely woman wants to meet. In a year, if memory serves, I was years kid, and only now, in this same year there was no Internet and mobile devices that allows you to send and receive messages. And people were old-fashioned old-fashioned way: familiar on dance floors, in libraries, in theatres. But there were cases such as in the film Vyacheslav on the script by Victor Merezhko, gave announcements in the newspaper who, and who hung on poles. Spreading fate befell the heroine of the film. Taking the decision for themselves, Klavdia (Irina Kupchenko), waits and hopes, giving such an announcement, to see anyone but the one who has come. For sure she never waits for Alain Delon and Montgomery Clift, but after weighing the pros and cons, it sure is not a virgin the old, defunct, and still nothing. And then it will be going on different characters, which does not fight, but the Union of two loving to dive in no hurry. And there’s a logical explanation: she wants to make him a person and he’s not going to change. Leaders do not want the lower classes can not. Corny.

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It always happens when people, no matter what gender it is, do not perceive other people, such as they are, with all the vices, anxieties and passions. Our imagination plays with us a cruel joke that you have sometimes to pay a high price. But to the credit of the heroine Irina Kupchenko, she at least makes an attempt to understand the hero Alexander zbrueva. To understand and accept. And this internal struggle, it will last forever as long as the human race exists. As proof of her words, said his girlfriend in the car, and swings her women’s mood and condition. But what feature: the man without a certain residence, in pursuance of Alexander zbrueva, has a sense of self-worth. A paradox, but a fact. And it cannot be ignored. A serious social drama, perhaps fundamental in its basis. He who draws a lesson from this film, perhaps find the family happiness. Loneliness a terrible thing, especially when it is a long women alone: no family, husband and children. Second, is particularly keenly felt the lack of love and family when the woman becomes older and older Loneliness in old age is cruel thing and there can be no princes. It was at this time particularly want peace in the quiet tent, kids and husband. For the sake of the family hearth woman ready for anything, even the most unpredictable, rash and desperate things. Because the woman created for the family hearth. In this it sees its purpose and meaning in their lives. Desire that man was near, and sometimes just some, was someone to care, love to be behind him as behind a stone wall. Well, with such mentality of our Russian women. It often happens that in adulthood can’t be choosers, and time and patience on this casting suitors remains few And this is because in all youth walk, have fun, not think about the family, build grandiose plans in search of a Prince on a white horse, looking for a career and family life do not need. And then suddenly, their minds from the youthful delusions and dreams, you begin to look at life realistically, but too late. But to all, sooner or later comes the long-awaited Love. Not those who are not worthy of Love and in this movie at first didn’t like each, other and then fell in love and understanding. For it is not in appearance business. Under the appearance hides a completely different invisible People are usually open quite suddenly and under different circumstances, as in this film, like a fairy tale Cinderella or the Princess and the swineherd by Hans Christian Andersen Love corrects: makes an alcoholic and a parasite law-abiding and caring father and husband that showed this movie.

The film is shot like humor, sarcasm, but it clearly hurt topical social issues Filmed so close to reality, believable, relatable person, in Russian. Sometimes have no idea who will be her future husband, the wife of a king or an alcoholic, a laundress or a Princess and sometimes it is the film’s Heroine Claudia is one of those women who looks for comfort, struggling with loneliness, seeking understanding, a family cosiness. When a woman loves she’ll do anything for love and for the man she loved. Love is never too late to look for Loneliness, misunderstanding, the desire to be with someone tortured and burdened people. Everyone copes with these problems as best he can: reading, having fun, drinking Man is a social being. We all want love and affection. Loneliness should meet and be next to Live once, and our life alone is wrong. In addition, the society requires to be married-married, with a bunch of children. This, in his opinion, is the happiness and value of man, because the valued family even Though sometimes the families going on God knows what. When happy, he found his one in a million, then no matter how much money he has, what appearance and social status You’re happy with him and that’s it. It just so happens that that this this film was somehow invisible to the broad mass of people. Perhaps because he’s a few decades ahead of his time. In the mid -twentieth problem of loneliness of people was even more acute, but did not wear such a large scale as today. Heroic Claudia is dictated more by the pressure of society, than good will and common sense. She was constantly crushes married friend, deliberately causing her inferiority complex. At work of the employee to discuss her personal life, or rather lack of it. And then there’s the neighbor with the same problems stuffed into girlfriends. Society continues to push and after putting up ads. Impose its opinion, not gives focus, better to consider finding. In terms of acting is very convincing. Zbruev good always and in all roles. He even in the most dramatic scenes, it turns out amazingly light acting. Even homeless he got some too careless and charming.

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Kupchenko role much more difficult. To play a sense of shame, embarrassment or inhibition and not to overplay, and to save face a difficult task, but she coped with it brilliantly